jazz, FUNK and Latin infused Adult Alternative 

We're experimenting and having fun with this. If you're a music aficionado over 40 with jazz, funk and blues sensibilities you'll dig it.  Weekdays it's mostly new & recent releases during the day and a special blend of all eras and featured music evenings, late night and weekends.  Thank you artists for soothing our souls and lifting us up. And thank you clients of VisionBroadcast Media LLC who make this worldwide gift possible.

Program Schedule: Monday through Friday (MDT/MST)*:
0000-0100 Jazz Masters
0100-0130 Miles Davis
0130-0200 Stew Songs
0200-0300 Los Angeles Music Festival Hour 1
0300-0500 Seventies
0500-0700 Jazz Masters
0700-0800 Los Angeles Music Festival Hour 2
0800-0900 Jazz Masters
0900-1200 New and Recent Releases
1200-1300 Mariachi Media
1300-1400 Jazz Masters
1400-1500 VisionBroadcast Music All Eras
1500-1800 New and Recent Releases
1800-1900 Jazz Masters
1900-2000 2017 Releases
2000-2400 VisionBroadcast Music All Eras

Saturday & Sundays

Same except New & Recent Releases 0700-0800
and Music of All Eras 0800-1200 and 1400-1700

* A lot experimentation going on. As of 5/28/2017 we had around 2,434 songs in rotation.

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