• Adult Alternative, Jazz, Funk, Blues & Latin music presented in best of Los Angeles settings with food, drink and signature hospitality.

  • Work with public and private stakeholders to leverage Los Angeles brand to spread wide global net to activate new & existing regional concert goers as well as international and domestic music festival, music cruise and vacation travelers. 

  • Revenue streams include ticket sales, multi-category sponsorships, concessions and merchandise with an LA focus on securing theatrical and/or other video distribution.

  • Year round multimedia arts studio streaming worldwide supports promotional, programmatic and educational goals. 

  • 2 days Fall 2018. Location(s) to be determined.

non profit purpose

This LAMF concept is inspired by the model of New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival & Foundation.  Everyone gets paid but the purpose is to create once in a lifetime music festival experiences to support art, artists and people serving people.  Open to pursuing this vision through innovative & creative trademark licensing proposals from players in the sports and live entertainment industries, including studios, talent agencies, music management and/or 360 music companies.    

sustainable business model

Notwithstanding a non-profit purpose, LAMF must be sustainable and supported with a robust business model. To that end, we're seeking collaborators and funding and offer in return collaboration, oversight and return on investment.      

Organizational Documents

The following documents outline the proposed structure and governance of VISIONBROADCAST EVENTS, INC., a non-profit corporation to be formed to present Los Angeles Music Festival®.  The specific purpose of the corporation as declared in the Bylaws is inspired by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation: 

"The specific purpose shall include without limitation, to promote, preserve, perpetuate and encourage the music, arts, culture and heritage of communities through festivals, events, programs and other cultural, educational, civic and economic activities and other charitable and educational activities within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code."  

If you're reading this we consider you (or your client) a prospective co-founder, board member, advisor, investor, sponsor, service provider and/or collaborator of some kind.  Before incorporating we're putting these documents up for review should key stakeholders wish to propose revisions and/or alternatives.  The goal is transparency and high confidence for the company and its stakeholders.       

About Floyd VASQUEZ

I'm Floyd Vasquez, music and media entrepreneur, Columbia grad and lifelong learner. This is my effort to create a job as Executive Director of Los Angeles Music Festival®.   With artists, co-founders and a Board of Directors, we'll have fun doing great things for Los Angeles and beyond.

I founded Los Angeles Music Festival® in 1996 around this new thing called the World Wide Web. Streaming media was in its infancy and we had live and on demand video from the stages of The Troubadour, Whisky a Go Go, Billboard Live, Viper Room and Dragonfly.  Over the years VisionBroadcast LAMF has presented a variety of live and on-demand multimedia content from NY and LA (I was based in NYC for 17 years).  It was Over The Top (OTT) content before that was a thing.

As you'll see in my resume below and on my websites, over the years I've earned a living in broadcast journalism and communications.  On the music side I operate an online music channel and website.  I produce live webcasts, performance videos and artist interviews.  In the past I worked as a DJ at Bar 9 in Hells Kitchen and as a public radio DJ on KUNM. Have also served as a board member and volunteer with a successful non-profit concert promotion company.   Let's connect! 

other documentation/RESOURCES